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We are design studio

Creating beautiful virtual experiences and products.

Based in London
Established in 2010
200+ Projects Done
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Resonance is an innovative and dynamic full-service creative studio that is passionate about crafting exceptional digital experiences and products. We specialize in a wide range of creative disciplines, including branding, design, and engineering, and we are committed to producing work that not only looks amazing but also functions seamlessly.

Our design team is made up of skilled professionals who are passionate about creating beautiful and engaging digital experiences. We work closely with our clients to develop websites, apps, and other digital products that are not only visually stunning but also intuitive and user-friendly. Our design process is iterative and collaborative, and we always strive to ensure that our clients are completely satisfied with the final product. Finally, our engineering team is dedicated to bringing our designs to life.

Our Creative Team

Discover the people who make our web studio stand out.

Thomas Johnson
Developer, co-founder
Emma Johnson
UI/UX Designer, co-founder
Jack Anderson
Web developer
Marta Laning
Art director, designer

How we work?

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1. Disscussion.

2. Prototyping.

3. Production.

Responsive, flexible and customizable.

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Agency Website
Personal Website
Landing Page
Portfolio and Gallery
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What our area of expertise?

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Branding, %
UI/UX Design, %
Web Development, %
Marketing, %

The power of design help us to solve complex problems and cultivate business solutions.